About Us

Mission:  To enrich & connect urban & rural life by holding an annual exhibition incorporating modern advancements with traditional practices.
Vision:  Celebrate agriculture, inspire educational opportunities related to agriculture & support local 4H clubs.
Values:  volunteers, education, youth, community, non-profit, partnership, agriculture

Officers 2019
President – Garry Smart
Vice President – Marjorie Cramp
2nd Vice – Verla Cramp-White
3rd Vice – Allison Lewis
Past President – Verla Cramp-White
Secretary/ Treasurer – Holly Fiegehen

Honorary Directors
Wilma Carefoot                
Bill Cathrae  
Kathleen Smart
Ken Sewell

Leslie Cramp
Marjorie Cramp
Wayne Cramp
Verla Cramp-White
Elana Fiegehen
Keith Fligg
Violet Fligg
Anette Kelley
Tina Kirkpatrick
Allison Lewis
Tracy McNally
Shirley Shortt
Garry Smart
Sheila Smart
Brian Smith
Ivan White

Junior Supporters
Cam Lewis
Madi Lewis
Alex McNally
Gavin Bouwman

Associate Directors
Kelly Armstrong
Don Boyes
Joan Cramp
Paul Cramp
Sue Cramp
Cay Fraser
Don Fraser
Doug Harvey
Marion Harvey
Donna Hemeon
Verna Hindle
Amber Hill
Jason Hill
Sandra Hill
Herb Hubbard
Kathleen Hunter
Ann Kerr
Deanna Kerr
Eric Kerr
Murray Kerr
Natalie Mather
Barb MacDonald
Dwayne Moore
Karen Moore
Nathan Moore
Heather Murray
Mike Pedlar
Sandy Pedlar
Cheryl Smith
Wes Sparling
Karen Trusler
Tom Trusler
Helen Vickers
Karen Vickers
Paul Vickers
Glenn White
George Wyville

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